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October 1, 2021

Randy and Zion teamed up to deliver provocative yet fun reggaetón “Baila Baila.”

Randy and Zion, two of reggaeton’s pioneers, teamed up to deliver provocative yet fun reggaetón “Baila Baila.” “Baila Baila” features […]

Randy and Zion, two of reggaeton’s pioneers, teamed up to deliver provocative yet fun reggaetón “Baila Baila.

“Baila Baila” features Randy’s signature style blended perfectly with Zion’s unique flow into a classic reggaetón that makes people want to dance and sing along to the catchy chorus. The song begins with Zion’s unmistakable voice singing about not being able to get a person out of his head, and how he goes crazy every time he thinks of her, before the beat drops, giving way to Randy and his unmatched swag and provocative lyrics.

Fans of old school reggaetón will appreciate the hidden references throughout the song including Randy’s iconic line “Soy una gárgola,” while newer fans will enjoy the contagious beat, as they sing along to the chorus that goes “Baila baila mamita que te quiero ver rompiendo la pista abusadora // Eres bien tentadora // De todas la más seductora” (Dance, dance baby because I want to see you abusing the dance floor // You’re very tempting // The most seductive of them all).

The music video, directed by Garabato, is an abstract masterpiece that starts in black and white and halfway through it transitions into color in a very artistic way. “Baila Baila” is part of Randy’s upcoming album, Romances De Una Nota, which is being released in seasons. Season one consisted of “23” featuring Ape Drums, “No Me Digas Que No” with Justin Quiles, and “No Exit.” Season two, released today, consists of “Condones” with Lenny Tavárez, “Bien & Mal” featuring Yan Block, “Piel de Seda,” and “Baila Baila” with Zion.

“I’m very excited for everyone to listen to the new season of Romances De Una Nota. The first release was received incredibly and I know everyone’s going to vibe even more with these hits that we have in our hands here. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as we enjoyed making them,” Randy said about his album.

Randy, a melodic reggaeton singer, has enjoyed success as a member of both Jowell & Randy and Casa de Leones, as well as a solo artist. Born Randy A. Ortiz Acevedo in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he became involved with the burgeoning reggaeton scene during the late ’90s. His singing was influenced by English- language R&B, in addition to Latin pop. Randy had his first major solo hit in 2004 with “Soy una Gargola,” and experienced even greater success in the years that followed. In particular, he was a featured guest on big hits by De la Ghetto (“Sensación del Bloque”) and Tito el Bambino (“Siente el Boom”). As part of the group Casa de Leones, he scored another big hit in 2007: “No Te Veo.” Randy is one of the best- known reggaeton singers on the scene, and his upcoming album Romances De Una Nota promises to bring his unique style with modern influences that will capture everyone’s hearts.