How It Works

ONErpm’s entire business model revolves around artist discovery and career development. That’s why we offer 3 levels of service to meet the needs of creators at any stage of their career.


A self-service platform open to all creators offering a comprehensive suite of automated delivery, accounting, business intelligence, and promotional solutions.

What’s Included

  • Unlimited audio and video uploads
  • Zero registration, annual, or upload fees. Keep 85% of royalties.
  • Free barcodes and ISRC codes
  • A full suite of automated marketing, promotional, accounting, and analytical tools and solutions giving creators full control over the distribution workflow.

Taking Off & Next Level

Café Tacvba

ONErpm provides bespoke marketing and career development solutions to qualified artists who need more than digital distribution.

Commercial terms are negotiated and depend on many factors, including the breadth of services rendered and the level of investment ONErpm makes. There is no predetermined criteria for eligibility.
Generally, ONErpm looks for artists that we believe in who have already demonstrated traction artistically and commercially.

Taking Off

ONErpm creates and
executes marketing plans

for artists in need of
additional resources.

MC Drika

What We Provide

  • DSP platform marketing
  • Dedicated Project Management and execution
  • Financing
  • Access to ONErpm Studios facilities
  • Advertising Support on DSPs, social media, Google, and YouTube
  • Admission into ONErpm’s multi-channel network (MCN)
  • YouTube Channel Management and Admission into ONErpm’s multi-channel network (MCN)
  • D2F marketing initiatives
  • Unlock access to ONErpm’s proprietary marketing campaign manager software

Next Level

Full-service custom career
development planning
and execution.

ONErpm will further deepen its commitment to the artists, by providing more time, expert resources, and financing, and will engage in longer-term partnerships and often broadening our scope of work across multiple territories and/or countries.

DJ Paul

What’s Included

Support includes everything from Taking Off


  • Terrestrial radio campaign
  • Full PR campaigns
  • Merchandising
  • Production support and A&R development
  • Collaborations and features
  • Greater marketing budgets