Digital distribution

Global music and video distribution solutions for artists, labels,
publishers, and video creators.

A powerful self-service platform providing a full suite of automated
marketing, promotional, accounting, and business intelligence
tools and solutions giving creative professionals full control over
the distribution workflow.

Tools & Solutions | Self Service

Digital Delivery

Platform Features
  • Free UPC and ISRC codes
  • Video distribution to Apple, Tidal, and others
  • ProRes cloud video encoding
  • Music audio multi-format encoding
  • Lyrics inclusion
  • Manual review of every album uploaded
  • Audio fingerprinting
  • 30-second Ringtone Generator
  • Tik Tok Official Sound distribution
  • Custom pricing for downloads
  • On-line technical support ticketing system
  • Delivery to 45+ DSPs
  • Hide previews during pre-order period
  • Territory exclusions
  • Аrtist profile match to Spotify, Apple, and Deezer to avoid delivering to a wrong profile

Promotion & Marketing

Platform Features
  • Pre-save Generator with analytics
  • Smart Link Generator with analytics
  • Release Task Manager*
  • Advertising Campaign Manager
  • S4A and iTunes Connect integrations
  • Machine assisted project manager
  • Genre-focused project managers*
  • Collect verified fan emails via pre-saves
  • DSP Pitch form*


Platform Features
  • Royalty sharing and multiple splits among content owners
  • Configurable Monthly Analytics
  • Custom reports by product type, artist, store, etc.
  • Custom accounting configurations
  • Downloadable invoices
  • Account balance ledger

Full Suite Analytics

Platform Features
  • Playlist Tracker
  • Content ID Tracker
  • Customizable Daily trends data and charts
  • Demographic insights
  • Engagement data such as skips, shares, and virality
  • Monthly Analytics
  • Geographic Heat Maps

Direct-to-Fan Marketing

Platform Features
  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Tik Tok ad campaigns
  • Social media activations
  • Email newsletters
  • Pre-save campaigns
  • Contesting

Technical Support

Platform Features
  • In-dashboard ticketing system
  • Takedowns
  • Change requests