ONE Publishing. Amplify your rights.

ONE Publishing has directly partnered with PROs and CMOs around the world to claim your rights and collect corresponding royalties.

Our Proprietary Technology

simplifies registering and managing compositions, and allows for multiple rights management configurations per work.

Select your services, territories and types of rights you want to collect; track performance with robust analytics.


  • Automated validation of Acknowledgment files.
    (Conflict resolutions handled by humans)
  • Automated matching of previously non-identified compositions so that you collect retroactive “black box” royalties
  • Registration of your catalog with PROs (Performing Rights Organization) and CMOs (Collective Management Organization) around the world
  • Collection of Public Performance and Mechanical Royalties
  • Collection of YouTube Publishing royalties
  • Collection of royalties from the use of your lyrics

Keep 100% ownership of your publishing

Get paid 85% of
your royalties

Withdraw funds using multiple payment methods

Select different service packages that fit your collection needs

Flexible and reasonable licensing terms

State-of-the-art tech

Analytics dashboard and reports to monitor performance

SYNCH opportunities with a global network of music supervisors

Our Publishing Partners