Business Intelligence

ONErpm’s sophisticated suite of automated monthly and daily analytics and accounting tools provides artists and record labels the strategic data they need to truly understand their business.

Tools & Solutions

Monthly Analytics

Derived from sales & streaming data, ONErpm analytics provide numerous lenses from which you can view your catalog’s performance.

Data Comparison

Compare revenue by transaction type, album, artist, country, or store. Select a custom date range and compare it with the same period from the year before or period-over-period.

Track your catalog to review new releases and artists’ performances in real-time. Sort data by track, artist, country, or store. Directly select relevant marketing actions for each product.

Customized Reporting

Toggle between account balance and payment history. Create custom reports per artist, territory, store, and more to facilitate rapid processing of royalty calculations.

Royalty Sharing

Split revenues with all relevant shareholders on a track, album, video, or full catalog basis. Payments are automatically made to shareholders saving you countless hours processing payments.