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October 15, 2021

Good Kid Release Their New Single “Orbit”

Good Kid Launch Their New Single “Orbit” Ahead of their Anticipated 3rd EP Alongside ONErpm

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The indie rock 5-piece share their latest release, “Orbit”. A love song set to a backdrop of space and intergalactic metaphors! Singer Nick Frosst explains, 

“It’s about how lonely a small satellite on the outskirts of a densely packed trajectory would feel looking in towards the rings of a gas giant. It’s also about not feeling ‘cool’ enough to hangout with someone you have a crush on.”

Epic Games has chosen to include “Orbit” in their hugely popular game Fortnite. The new single will be featured on the game’s “Rock & Royale” station, which can be heard during gameplay in the cars players can drive in the game. Their song “Witches” was included in the latest update of the game.


The band’s last release “Good Kid 2” propelled them into the gaming space garnering features on influential pages like FaZe Clan, Bugha, Ph1lza, Tommyinnit and more. With this huge influx of support, the band saw exponential growth across all platforms, recently peaking at over 2 million monthly streams on Spotify, and seeing their subscribers on YouTube triple to over 35k! With their organic growth snowballing and their reach expanding, Good Kid is certainly a band to watch.


Good Kid 3 is poised to be well-received, and with the support of the gaming community, Epic Games and their already obsessed fanbase – things are bound to “pop”


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