Calvin Rainwater

Top Tracks

  • Sinners & Saints

  • If We Could Go Fishing One More Time

  • God Sent Me an Angel

  • The Boulevard

  • Tonight I Told My Dream Girl Goodbye

  • Chloey Marie



Genres: Country
Location: Phoenix

“Where words leave off, music begins.”

Few people know this better than Arizona-born and bred country singer, songwriter and performer Calvin Rainwater. Talented with both his words and his music, Calvin has always carried a passion for performance in his heart. His childhood curiosity of his grandfather’s guitar soon sparked his interest in music and before long, Calvin was performing not just in front of his classmates but real audiences, captivating and enticing them with his honest, genuine and heart-warming music.

Calvin’s music has a unique sound to it. His songs come from the very heart, reflecting his inner peace and passion, and the search for fulfillment, profound joy and purpose all of us share. With the country music running in his blood, Calvin aims to produce songs reminiscent of the traditional country with upbeat modern tempos and hip-hop beats.

What sets him apart from most other singers is that Calvin is so much more than a performer. A storyteller by heart, Calvin writes and performs his own music, true to his conviction that an artist’s role is to inspire. Every one of Calvin Rainwater’s songs carries a piece of himself in its rhythms and lines and by sharing his inner world with his audience, he manages to enthrall, captivate and transform every one of his fans.

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