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Genres: Hip Hop/Rap
Location: Harlem

C-Jenkz is set to launch into icon status with new music via Vacant Lot Records, Dame Grease and ONERPM Distribution

Video filmed by Waaxhug Films

SPARTANSBURG, SC – After circling fame and success in the world of hip-hop for many years, C Jenkz is ready to join the ranks of the elite. At age 16, he went to high school at Riverside Military Academy in Georgia, where he met and became close friends with a cadet who would become the successful rap artist known as Offset, one of the three members of the award-winning rap group Migos.

After years of waiting for the timing to be right C Jenkz has decided to take his fate into his own hands. He’s on a mission to “truly represent and show the amazing depth of talent present in South Carolina.” Since 2013 he has been working hard to develop a body of work upon which he can build a successful career. He won’t be satisfied until he’s left a major impact on the rap and hip-hop industry. “My style is very relevant,” he said. “A lot of people catch on to it fast. I’m bringing more concept songs back. A lot of songs nowadays people are just rapping with catchy words that make songs go. I’m used to Tupac and the real music that I grew up with in the 1990s – the icons that I’ve always looked up to. And like them I’m bringing something that’s real, different, and can relate to the world. I want to be the cool guy that everybody can listen to. I have a song for everybody.

Kids can listen to me, older aunties can listen to me – I appeal to all ages. I’m not in a box. I’m big and I relate to a lot of people and my music walks through all different types of struggles. And I believe that my music can make me and icon and leave a legacy.” In 2013 C Jenkz became affiliated with Black Bank Enterprise and began work as a solo artist. It was through this affiliation that he was introduced to legendary Multi-Platinum producer Dame Grease, who eventually took a special interest in C Jenkz and helped develop his unique sound. Most recently the two collaborated on a single called “Let’s Get It,” which is slated to be released later this month. It’s a song about the trap and trying to get money however you can. It’s a catchy song with a contagious hook that highlights C Jenkz’s Southern roots while marrying it with that East Coast sound.

“C Jenkz is not just another rap artist,” said Dame Grease. “He is the whole package"

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