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New Music Tiko
February 7, 2021

Tiko—ONErpm’s Breakout YouTube Sensation

Dubbed one of the Top Creators for 2020 thanks to gaming and original music.

New Song “Expectations” Available Everywhere Now


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Signed to industry-leading digital solutions company ONErpm, American YouTube sensation Tiko, originally known around the world for his Fortnite gaming videos, has increased his audience more than 750 times since 2020 through new original music released across the distribution powerhouse’s platform and YouTube network, including his latest song, “Expectations,” available everywhere now.

Tiko’s songs—which have amassed over 205 million streams on combined platforms and serviced by ONErpm—include tracks “Fishy on Me” (88 million views), “Banana Diss Track” and “Grant & H1ghsky1 Diss Track.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Tiko,” says Chris Allen, A&R ONErpm. He’s merged gaming, YouTube audience, and music. Tiko is part of a next generation of dynamic multi-platform artists and ONErpm is uniquely positioned to help him globally.”

Tiko launched his first YouTube channel almost six years ago. Since its creation, the channel has grown from 35 new subscribers a week to adding hundreds of thousands each month, bringing his current base to 5.6 million subscribers and growing. This is nearly a 775% increase.

Most impressively, YouTube recognized Tiko as the No. 5 Top Creator, No. 2 Breakout Creator in the U.S., and one of the Top 10 Breakout Creators on the planet. This is among 40 million+ active gaming channels with over 100 billion hours of gaming content watched on YouTube.

Tiko has now launched a second channel named More Tiko featuring Minecraft game play.


Tiko’s YouTube/Social Media Handles 

Tiko is represented by WME and partnered with mtheory.


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