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August 12, 2021

ONErpm NYC Unveils New Mural

Newark Artists Suliman Onque and Chris Reyes Collaborate with ONErpm to Create “Real Music Lives”


ONErpm NYC revealed today the mural entitled “Real Music Lives” by renowned artists Suliman Onque and Chris Reyes. The mural located inside the ONErpm NYC Soho office is a tribute to the legendary local music, people, and places that defined our global culture for over a century. Speaking on the piece and his work Suliman had this to say,

“To capture the journey of Real Music and it’s history was powerful for me. From Newark to New York, from Hip Hop to Salsa music, you can feel the vibes. Music and art is everything! It was an honor to create this mural with my art brother, Chris Reyes. Stay tuned, this is Sul NN!”  -Suliman Onque

In the greatest city in the world, music and art will always share a common place. For that reason it’s exciting to have an opportunity to acknowledge that common ground in such a profound manner. Speaking on the mural, the collaboration, and what it means to him, Joe Guzik, Head of ONErpm NYC had this to say,

“Real Music Lives” is an exciting example of the music intersecting with the art world. It’s the perfect inspiration for our artist partners and colleagues who work in our NYC office. I’m blown away that legends of the art world like Suliman Onque and Chris Reyes would share their talent with us.” Joe Guzik, head of ONErpm NYC

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