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Genres: Rock
Location: Salvador

Mikeli Hub is a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, musical producer, actor and poet. He became known on the internet from 2008, when he released his authorial album Longe de Casa (Far from Home), which earned him more than 100.000 plays on Myspace. He is admired for writing songs in several languages, create and record your own music arrangement, besides his baritone voice and creative videos. Belonging to the same generation of artists like Mallu Magalhães, Strike, Vanguart and Roberta Sá, but less known from the mainstream media, Mikeli Hub consolidated in the alternative virtual music scene of that time and he remains active to this day.

Revolution Returns
[studio album]

VOLTA DA REVOLTA (Revolution Returns) – second autobiographical album of Mikeli Hub – was released in mid-2012, while he was living a quite expressive personal transformation and intense reworking of concepts. All the songs on the album are compositions by the artist that dedicated it to his great love. Initially, Mikeli wrote the song that gives title to the album, inspired by the protests that marked the Arab Spring in the Middle West in 2011. Mikeli was impressed with the return of the popular revolt against old oppressive regimes and various social problems. Face with such an effervescent scene, his musical verve was awakened, but soon gave way to the natural romanticism of the lovers. According to him, the album should talk about those revolutions, but rebelled against his own creator and spoke of the greatest of all revolutions: LOVE!

[studio album]

EM TODA PARTE (Everywhere) is the name of Mikeli Hub's fourth album. Released in 2018, this album celebrates the 10th anniversary of Mikeli's first album: Longe de Casa (Far From Home). So, in addition to singing hits from that album, Mikeli presents some new songs, like 'Milagre' (Miracle). Mikeli considers this album "special and precise". Once again, he produced everything in the "do-it-yourself" style, from design to finish. With simple features but a lot of creativity and stubbornnerss, Hub incorporates an ideal of artistic creation based on the commitment to offer something original to the public, independent of the current Brazilian music market. Independence is my art, Hub says. The most sensitive listener will be delighted by this album right away. Track 1 is like a sword tearing the soul, says the artist... And the other songs are full of purity and have a very remarkable authenticity. Because it is an 'almost acoustic' album - although this concept has been reformulating in the latin phonographic market - Mikeli Hub gives voice to the piano: an instrument of greater prominence in the disc, next to the low-baritone voice of the artist. As an audacious multi-instrumentalist, Mikeli is ahead of all the musical instruments heard in this album, as in others, which is not common in the universe of music. Therefore, we can say that 'Em Toda Parte' is another sample of the many talents of this Brazilian fascinated by keys, strings and words... It is a record for those who seek new sonorities in the alternative scenario of contemporary Brazilian music. As the lyrics are Mikeli's compositions, the truth permeates each phrase echoed and gives weight to the content of his latest album, notably dense and pictorial.

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