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Genres: Hip Hop/Rap
Location: Brooklyn


This dystopian  look at what could very well be America’s  next phase conjures images of a Hip-Hop  version of A Clockwork Orange, 1984 or  one of those dark, technologically-fueled tomorrows..." -Flawless Hustle


The world is at  war. Poverty, energy crises, rampant drug use and the militarization of the system have taken over. The economy is on the verge of collaspe, pollution has spun out of control.  

Welcome  to 2025.  

Illuminessence  EYE2025* (aka Ness of A-Alikes)  brings the soundtrack  to our future with  his first solo project,  EYE2025*Chapter1 

Set  in Ratner Heights, (the  area formerly known  as Fort Greene/Clinton  Hill/Downtown Brooklyn, now  owned entirely by construction  mogul/re-gentrification king  Bruce Ratner) EYE2025*Chapter1 is a dystopic vision of the future, a future that is rapidly approaching. Started as an idea for a screenplay, the project turned into the eerie but psychadelic sound of 2025. Blurring the lines between genres, the album twists and turns through sounds, creating a musical fusion like no other.  

Coming  from the revolutionary  hip-hop group A-Alikes,  IllumiNessence is no  stranger to the game.  For years he and  his partner A-Black,  along with the rest  of the RBG/People Army  family (dead prez, Divine  of the Dey, Umi, Dedan, etc)   have been on a  mission to bring to  light the world of  the have-nots, and send  out a call to arms  to rise up, educate  and build community.  

EYE2025*Chapter1 is a continuation of that call. While sonically it is a new direction, experimenting with - and pushing the lines of - genres and sounds, the project is still just as critical of the powers that be and the system we live in as A-Alikes has always, and continues to be.  

The  miminalistic pop remix  of “Digital World”  is an exploration of  our rapidly growing  obsession with technology  and resulting departure  from the world around  us, featuring the vocals  of Brooklyn sensation Raye 6 and sampling of Australia's Empire of the Sun. The heavy electro funk of “End of the World” and “Where Do We Go” borrows music from French electro pop dance music kings Justice. “Cubicles,” an indie electro rock examination of modern living, brings a raw sound, while the ambient funk of “Solar Power” takes you on smooth ride through the idea of energy in the modern world. The Ramones, Portishead and Giorgio Moroder are just a few of the other influences on the album.  

IllumiNessence is currently in the  studio working on forthcoming  chapters to the EYE2025* epic, co-writing the script with Director Paul Biedrzyck to an as yet untitiled futuristic poli sci-fi film that inspired the soundtrack, and putting the finishing touches on the A-Alikes next LP Us Against Them. As well, he is breaking out into graphic/visual side of things with multi media works of ART, videos, T Shirts, and more.  

The  project will be digitally  distributed by ONErpm,  (ONE Revolution People’s  Music) the revolutionary  digital platform whose  goal is to get  independent musicians and  labels to the ears  of the people worldwide,  while maintaining artist  integrity. Founder and  owner Emanuel Zunz is  behind the project,  and it’s set to  be a huge partnership. 

For more information check  out www.eye2025.com, or  http://twitter.com/eye2025  

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